08 Malibu 2.4 LE5 with a clock of 160,000 Car was pushed in as it would not stay running, like a bad maf sensor was my gut thought. Scanned codes and POO16 & 17 was listed with the exhaust cam not reporting and a U0073.00 can buss off to control module. They previously put almost 4 qt's of oil in it. After checking the oil and coolant I went to start it and noticed the gauges were ticking up and down with KOEO. I started it and it ran good for about 1 minute and then was uncontrolled as it would go fro 300-2500 RPM and die when in gear. While running I could see Maf was 3.9-6.8 and ticking up and down like the gauges. Can Buss never varied before or after car died but I shut it off and put a charger on the battery and closed the shop. Next day I started it and after 1 minute of run time it did the same thing. This time I observed the 02 were switching. I went to remove the air filter assy and it was just sitting their and not affixed at all. I just unplugged the maf and restarted it and watched the time pass the 3 minute mark. Fuel was rich at +14 but it ran good. Needles to say with all the cottonwood seeds flying around I removed the Maf sensor and here is what i found. The only codes that came back were the po016 & 17 but the car ran fine after cleaning. I know this car has other issues but this fixed her complaint.Site Content

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