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The Savana no start

June 13, 2018

No start no crank 02 Savana 5.7

I  was called out on a No crank / no start problem from a good customer.  He said this is the second time he loaded and reloaded the products in  another vehicle. This customer has some unusual problems and is pretty  good at fixing them as he has had a lot of experience. I arrived and  twisted the key. 

The first thing I herd was a light click at the starter  like a relay click no louder and second the door locks cycled third I  herd the fuel pump run. I smiled as this on will be easy. I checked the  fuses and all were ok. I herd the starter click so I had him hold the  key to start as I plugged in the volt meter and had him cycle the key a  couple of times.

 Every time was the same, I got battery voltage then  .000 no voltage. I was on the PPL wire to the solenoid as it was still  attached to the starter. 

I jumpier the  starter relay and nothing but a little click from the starter. I pulled  the starter off and it tested excellent. He has told me he  replaced the starter and relay a few months back. I reinstalled the  starter and went to put back the starter shield that is a clip on type  when I noticed burnt marks on the shield that went around the starter  solenoid connection PPL wire. I started laughing and he thought I was  crazy as I picked up my tools.

 I broke the ear of the shield and  reinstalled it and told him we were done.... lowering the jack.

He  asked what now. It is ready to go I told him still laughing. I just  cant explain why the fuse didn't blow with an almost direct short .

Life is good...