Looks can be deceiving


Looks can be deceiving

A customer always wanted a 72 Ford Thunderbird. This was a 2 door.

The doors were massive and the hood was enormous. The paint and finish looked like new and the odometer had 18000. miles on it. This thing was like new... 

He asked if I would look at it on the lift. I lifted this heavy monster in the air and everything said this had been kept in a controlled environment. There was only surface rust at best. 

He told me that he gave a heavy price for it and was going to drive it until it dropped.

I told him that this car was never a daily driver and would require a slow break in with a few problems along the way. He said that he just loved the car and would repair it no matter what. 

He acted like I was putting down his car when in reality I lived it, it was a blast from the past. I reiterated that it had not been driven as a daily driver and sat most if its life. Back when this car was prowling the streets they used cork gaskets that dried out and would leak. This car is 40 years old and everything in it so you need to break it is slowly like drive it 20 miles and park then 40 then 60 ect and check it for leaks before you go out again. 

Evidently this is not what he wanted to hear so we just talked about how these sleds road and ran in their day.

He left all smiles I thought but I recon he really didn't like my break in suggestions at all as he didn't come back for a couple of years. Then one day out of the blue this blue 72 Bird was outside my doors. I said what's up, it sure looks great as it just shimmered in the sunlight. 

After a while he told me about his adventures with the car. He said he paid 7000. for it and put another 7000 in it to get it up to snuff. ( I didn't tell him but I was but hurt he didn't bring it to me to repair) . He later said I was correct and was ashamed to bring it to me because I told him what to do to break it in. I told him I was sorry I said anything as it cost my business a lot as his dollars went else ware. He said he had moved

and had the work done by his new house.

All in all he has a daily driver now and is loving it.

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