98 Lumina

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98 Lumina 3.1 starter make grinding sound.

I went to the place where it was to give her an opinion as to why it was not starting.

I told her it was a starter that was causing her problem and told her that it would have to be towed in to fix it about 2 months ago.

Fast forward two months:

The lady had the starter replaced by another ( mechanic) and now wants it fixed so it can be driven.

On this simple starter there are 2 main bolts, one long and the other short but one is new as I look at the starter. With a light and closer look I can see the head of the bolt an half inch away from holding the starter on, and starter looks small.

I pull the short bolt with no problem and sneak up on the long on only to find it didn't want to move. I got a bigger socket and ratchet and it cam out grudgingly with some threads. 

I took the starter and got the number for it and looked locally for someone who carried it and crossed the numbers for a 2003 Buick. Hell it was the wrong one...

I checked the bendix and flywheel and they looked ok.

I put the starter in the car and ordered up another one, rethreaded the block holes

and installed the starter. I reconnected the battery and started it with no noise.

Everything worked on great, much better than expected, because the bolt could have snapped inside the block and the scrap yard would have a new customer.

I don't even care who this guy was but he should sell his tools on ebay as this could

have been real bad for the customer. 

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