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 Presleys Garage in Peoria Hgts is on 414 Marietta Ave down from Save A Lot 7 blocks down you will see some storage buildings and I am the next building.

 This is a 1 man shop that wants to put that smile on your face once again. We have been around for over 29 Years repairing Ford, GM and Chrysler cars and have seen a lot of changes during that time. Yesterday you were replacing parts. Today its all about the information going in and out of the PCM. Yesterday we had 10 lbs of vacuum lines running everything, now we have 5 lbs of wire. Connections today are tiny compared to yesterday and let one get loose and you will think it is possessed.

 Today you might have 3 main frame computers and 25 Modules or more. We repair for less because we test the systems instead of buying expensive parts. Cars run longer today than they ever have before.

 Please ignore the clowns telling you to do annual oil changes because they won't pay to have YOUR engine replaced, you will.

The cheapest way to keep you car running is to change the oil and filter along with the Air filter.


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Sometimes you eat the Bear, sometimes he eats you.

I got a call from a nice sounding gentleman that said his 2003 Cavalier 2.2

did not start and asked if we would tow it in? I said sure, I will send him right out. The car arrived and the first thing I noticed on turning the key was it coughed like it would start but didn't. I could here the fuel pump running.

I rolled it into the shop and the first thing I did was check fuel pressure (0).

I could still here it running. Spec is 50-60 lbs for the fuel pump.

 The car went up on the lift and the first thing was to pull the fuel filter. It was beastly stuck on the threaded end but did come off and black fuel dripped out of one end of the fuel filter. It was plugged. I went ahead with draining and disconnecting and pulling the tank.. 

Once down I removed the fuel pump. I could see the pressure hose from the fuel pump ruptured but knew the fuel filter being clogged probably done that. I wiped out the inside of the tank and even looked at the fuel and the fuel and tank were spotless. I blew the return line out and it was clear. The black stuff had to be coming from the pump coming apart. I cut the old fuel filter apart and it was impacted. Good enough. I replaced the pump, stuck the tank back in and hooked everything back up, filtered the fuel back in and turned the key to on. I had 58 lbs pressure. Called him up and told him it was done and he picked it up.

This repair would have been 100% If I had retested under a running condition but finding the fuel filter plugged caused me to assume that is what blew the pressure line of the fuel assembly. Sometimes you get bit hard when you assume even though 99% of the time it fits.

3 Days later I received a call that his Cavalier is doing the same thing. I told him I would pick it up and find out what happened. With my ego deflated, I got it back into the shop and sure enough the fuel pump was working but no fuel pressure again.

Now I am sick, something else blew the pump. What did I miss. Time to start over at square one.

I cut open the new fuel filter again to find it and it was clear. I pulled the tank again and replaced everything again. This time with the fuel pump pressure gauge on it I turned the key to on and had 58 lbs again so I started it.  After a short time running the Fuel pressure shot up to 85 Lbs so I shut it down. For those people that do no know ( like me evidently ) the fuel pressure regulator is different on these as the vacuum line to the regulator

is to put fuel into the intake in case the regulator ruptures not to supply vacuum to regulate to pressure like almost all others.

 Ouch,Had I checked the running pressure I would have seen this and replaced the regulator also, but this car came in not running. 

I had failed to make the final check as I was sure the clogged fuel filter done the damage so I didn't bother to look further. The fuel pressure regulator does a balancing act to keep fuel pressure at 58-60 lbs and it would stick closed pressuring the system to 85 lbs after it ran for a few minutes and blowing the supply line from the pump. I just didn't think about it then but from now on  I will replace the regulator with the fuel pump. The customer was really understanding about this inconvenience to him and asked me to change the oil and filter and check the brakes. He didn't need brakes and all it cost him was the fuel pressure regulator. I apologized to him again for the inconvenience. Even though the repair was cheaper that I quoted had I spent just a few minutes watching the fuel pressure maybe I would have seen it stick before it destroyed the new pump, maybe not but I should have checked it anyway.  Yes as hard as I try I still make mistakes.


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Auto Electrical sometimes can be fun if the problem jumps out at you when others have failed. 


We will call him John

John drives his neon to the garage and parks it outside and hand me the keys and states that there is something bad wrong with his car. You have my phone number so call me when you figure it out, by the way this was at the dealers 3 times and they put new pumps in every time.  Don't drive to far he said as it dies in about 10 minutes and wont restart.

That sure made it interesting. I finished up what I was doing and started the car when the phone rang. When I was done talking I took off on a test drive. I drove all around for about 10 minutes and came back to the shop for the scanner. I got it all wired and went for another ride. I only got 6 blocks away when it acted like it was running out of gas then it died. I cranked it over a few times but it wasn't going to start. I looked at the fuel gauge and it was empty. I did not check it before I left..... Thats about right.

As I was sitting their waiting for it to cool down I picked up my scanner and was looking through the pids, and noticed the fuel gauge around 22%. Must be a glitch. I set the scanner up for a pid capture so I could record it and turned the car to on. The fuel was about 25%. That's strange.

After 15 Minutes it started. If any one has been to my place you know it is all down hill from Prospect or uphill to Prospect so I pointed the car to get on top of the hill so it would roll home. I turned the key to on and the fuel gauge said full, I started it and almost got to the top of my street when I seen the fuel gauge drop like a rock and the car died.

After the smile left my face I just waited a little while until it cooled off long enough to get me going again to the top of the hill and roll back to the shop and right into the service bay. I now know why the dealer replaced the pumps and how to fix it.

I pulled the wiring diagrams and looked at the powers and grounds and that is when I noticed the ground for the fuel pump and the fuel gauge was right in the middle of the rear support in the trunk and so was the ground for the brake lights. I repaired the grounds and took it out on my normal test track that is a 30 Minute drive.

 I called him and told him it was ready. He was down in a flash to pick it up. What did you do he asked?

I repaired the grounds to the fuel gauge, Fuel pump and the brake lights. He replied Oh yea the wife could always tell when it was going to die as the brake lights wouldn't work. My total bill was less than the fuel pump. Auto repair can sometimes be fun if you get enough data and see the problem happen.

The sick Neon

It always will help me to tell me everything your car does no mater how silly it may sound.

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The wire

Throwing parts at it won't help


The wire

I received a call from a man that said he had his car at another shop and was looking for somebody that would just make it run. I asked him what happened and he said it just died while going down the road. 

He told me it was a  1995 Town car and everything had been replaced. I asked what was everything? His reply was extensive, The battery, alternator, starter, ICM, ign switch, computer, injectors, coils and fuel pump.

 Can you make it run? I told him yes and figured it must be a wire for sure. I am not sure how long it will take but I can make it run. He replied it ran good before it died and all the parts are in the trunk. He said it was going to be towed in later from the other shop. I said thanks for calling and went back to work.

Later that day on the back of a wrecker was a gook looking car that was unloaded in the shop. It didn't look like it had been sitting long and the first thing I did was open the trunk. Everything he said he replaced was their. It has a big trunk that even had an intake manifold in it.

A few minutes later a very tall man came in and said that's my car and we talked for a while as he explained everything he replaced.  I took his information and told him I would call him when I found the problem, and he a look on his face like "yea right". It was 11am and time for lunch so I put a battery charger on it and went to lunch. 

After lunch I scanned the car and it had tons of codes for everything so I just cleared them and started checking. I had fuel pressure and could here the fuel run and the check engine light was on and the security light flashed normal? That is what i thought was wrong at first thought was the security system.

 I proceeded to check the 5v ref and power to the coils and injectors and they were good. The car never even coughed when trying to start it, I went and pulled the diagrams and looked for a common problem.

Another customer stopped buy to talk and afterwards went back to the car with the scope and leads.

 I had looked at the power to the coils and injectors but not the ground commands, I had no ground commands at either point, Could it be a crank sensor?

I checked it and it had a great signal and looked out of the box new.

I checked the ICM for power and grounds and the ground was missing? I put a jumper the ground and twisted the ign key and it started very quickly. Feeling like i stumbled into the problem as I had a big smile on my face.

 I started it again and just let it run just in case Murphy's law was in the shop today. It ran for 15 minutes. The customer was called and wanted the problem fixed but as cheep as possible.

While looking for the ground for the ICM, it is supplied by the computer and somewhere in the harness was bad. I just ran a new ground wire. Problem was solved. It has been said bu many smarter than me that 80% of the problems are wire related.